10 Best San Diego Safari Park Discount Ticket Deals | 2024

Quickly find cheap San Diego Zoo Safari Park discount tickets. My chart compares the zoo, Costco, AAA, Groupon & 6 other deals. Including a coupon code that always works, even if you’re at the gate! But first, here are the basic deals that you should know about.

San Diego Safari Park ticket discounts include 50% Discount Admission Coupons and Complimentary Guest Passes bundled with certain memberships. Seniors, students, and groups with 15 or more get 10% off. Groups of 100+ get 15% off. Active US military, teachers on field trips, and kids in October get in free.

Cartoon woman chasing San Diego Safari Park discount ticket deals (represented by a flying dollar bill)

Discover the cheapest legitimate Safari Park admission tickets (plus unpublished deals!) for you and your family in the chart below. Then scroll down the page for the need-to-know details for each cash-saving offer.

If you make purchases through the links in this post, I may be compensated. Read my Advertising Disclosure for more info. Thanks! ~ Nancy

*Save with a secret promo code on each San Diego Zoo or Safari Park 1-Day Pass. Go any day. Go directly to the gate. Click HERE to get your code, instructions & discounted tickets by email. By clicking the link above you agree to receive an automated email message. Valid only at aRes Travel, San Diego’s local authorized ticket seller. Read my full privacy policy.

San Diego Safari Park Discount Tickets Comparison Chart

1-DAY PASS – GATE PRICE $74 / 64
– San Diego Zoo online $72 / 62
aRes Travel San Diego $72 / 62 see best deal with code Get 9% more off the publicly posted price with this secret Coupon Code
Funex $56 / 48 You need an Employee Access Code (EAC) from your employer
AAA discount$66 / 57Must be an AAA member. Buy at gate.
– CostcoUnavailable since 2010. See note below.
GrouponCurrently Unavailable
Tripadvisor $72 / 62
Undercover Tourist $72 / 62
Viator $72 / 62
Tripster $72 / 62

Is It Better To Buy San Diego Safari Park Tickets at the Gate or Online?

Buying Safari Park tickets online is cheaper, faster, and safer. Safari Park encourages you to purchase your Safari Park tickets online and in advance. But it is not required.

Buying your passes on the internet costs less. If you purchase in advance through the San Diego Zoo Global website you’ll save $2. Get my promo code from local aRes Travel to save 10% off the $71 gate price.

Buying online reserves a spot for you and your group. This is especially important on busy weekends and holidays. You don’t want to drive 30 miles to Escondido from downtown San Diego only to be turned away because they’ve reached their guest headcount limit for the day.

You’ll also avoid the sales ticket window lines if you buy online. With a mobile ticket, you’ll go straight to the gate. Wouldn’t you rather get right to seeing exotic animals rather than being one of the herd waiting in line for a ticket?

NOTE: San Diego Zoo Global charges a $1 convenience fee for online purchases.

Online Ticket Discounts are Becoming Harder to Find

Due to increasing costs due to economic inflation, San Diego Safari Park has asked websites to stop publishing some of our best discounts. You can understand their position. They’re a non-profit and feeding the animals has got to come first. You’re not the only one hurting from the high price of energy and groceries.

Fortunately, my favorite authorized ticket source, aRes, has gone the extra mile for SanDiegoing readers and carved out the best possible deal for you under the circumstances. Click on the koala below for details.

Photo of koala saying" Click on my cute furry face for Surprise Savings on 1-Day San Diego Zoo and Safari Park tickets. You'll be sent a one-time email with a promo code and a secret link for your discount online purchase."

How Much Are San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets At The Gate?

San Diego Safari Park ticket prices at the entrance are:

  • $71 for adults
  • $61 for children up to 12 years old
  • FREE for toddlers and infants under 3 years old with a paid adult

Parking is not free at this attraction. It costs $20 per normal-sized passenger vehicle.  If you’re driving an RV the fee is $38. Call 619-718-3000 to see if they’ve restarted preferred parking. 

What’s Included In San Diego Zoo Safari Park Admission?

A San Diego Safari Park ticket one-day pass includes:

  • Animal Exhibits
  • All Gardens
  • Africa Tram
  • Cheetah Run
  • Frequent Flyers Bird Show
  • Tiger Keeper Talk
  • Training Talks

NOTE: Please call 619-718-3000 to find out which (if any) of these activities have been canceled due to county COVID-19 restrictions. Read this section on another page of my site which details what’s included in San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets.

Also, visit my page on the best places to eat at Safari Park. In addition to details on all their restaurants, I’ve included tips on how to save a few bucks while eating well there.

When Are San Diego Zoo Safari Park Free Admission Days?

The best-discounted deal at San Diego Zoo is free entry, right? Here’s the scat on all of the free days at San Diego Zoo.

How Kids Free in October at the Safari Park Works

Kids get San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets free in October. Children under the age of 12 can get in free. There are some limits:

  • They must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • Only 5 children are permitted per adult. 

Your cheapest option is to buy a discounted adult ticket that allows you to bring in children for free. 

Unfortunately your Southern California CityPASS, and Go San Diego passes are not eligible for special events like this. AAA discounts won’t work either because they cannot be combined with any other discount offers.

You’re going to have to purchase a separate adult ticket. But you don’t have to pay full price. Click HERE for a discount code that will work on adult tickets during Kids Free in October.

Discover more kid fun for less! Check out my page where I uncover all the discount ticket deals at Sesame Place San Diego for you.

Seniors Get in Free During February at San Diego Safari Park

1-Day Passes are free for everyone over 65 all of February. This deal is only available at the entrance. Present a valid photo ID with a birthdate showing that you’re over 65 at a Safari Park ticket window. Only one ticket per senior. You still have to pay for parking.

Which San Diego Zoo Annual Membership Is the Cheapest?

San Diego Zoo Annual Memberships include unlimited Safari Park entrance privileges. If you love animals and walking in beautiful surroundings this is one of the best ways to get cheap tickets for the San Diego Safari Park. You can save up to 99.6% off the standard 1-Day Pass price if you visit the zoo daily for a year with the Resident Adult Premium membership. The cost is 29 cents per daily visit.  But what if you don’t want to come every day?

If you want to visit often on weekends, buy the San Diego Resident Premium Adult membership ($109). If you plan to see the animals during the week, purchase the San Diego Resident Adult Membership ($95). This membership level has all weekends and major holidays blacked out, that’s 123 days. Yes, I counted them all on their blackout date calendar. You can find the current year’s blackout dates calendar in the membership sections HERE.

You’ll find a chart with the least expensive San Diego Zoo membership options and their restrictions below:

Least Expensive San Diego Zoo Annual MembershipsPriceRestrictions
Wildlife Explorer
Youth (Ages 3-17)
$71No residency requirement. Unlimited year-round admission to both the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.
San Diego Resident Adult
(Ages 18-64)
$99Includes blackout dates. Limited to less busy weekdays. Must live within San Diego County zip codes.
San Diego Resident Senior (Ages 65+)$89.10Includes blackout dates. Limited to less busy weekdays. Must live within San Diego County zip codes.
San Diego Resident Premium Adult (Ages 18-64) $129Must live within San Diego County zip codes.
San Diego Resident Premium Senior (Ages 65+) $116.10Must live within San Diego County zip codes and present valid photo ID and proof of age upon your first visit to pick up membership cards and two 50% off admission coupons.
Wildlife Protector Adult (Ages 18-64)$149 No residency requirement. Includes blackout dates. Free parking at Safari Park. Two 50% off admission coupons. One Complimentary Guest Pass.
Wildlife Protector Senior (Ages 65+) $134.10No residency requirement. Includes blackout dates. Free parking at Safari Park. Must present valid photo ID and proof of age upon your first visit to pick up membership cards. Special Donor entrance. Two 50% off admission coupons. One Complimentary Guest Pass.
Wildlife Protector Premium Adult (Ages 18-64) $169No residency requirement. Free parking at Safari Park. Complimentary 1-Day Guest Pass.
Wildlife Protector Premium Senior (Ages 65+)$152.10Must present a valid photo ID and proof of age upon your first visit to pick up membership cards and a Complimentary 1-Day Guest Pass. Free parking at Safari Park.
Wildlife Guardian Adult$225No residency requirement. Free parking at Safari Park. One 50% off special experience (tours) coupon. Two 50% off admission coupons. Two Complimentary Guest Passes
Wildlife Champion Adult$425No residency requirement. Free parking at Safari Park. Two 50% off special experience (tours) coupon. Two 50% off admission coupons. Two Complimentary Guest Passes. One accompanied guest is free per day.
Eligible San Diego County zip codes page at San Diego Zoo website

Annual adult membership plans cost from $99 to $10,000 per year. Here’s the San Diego Zoo annual membership page so that you can check them all out for yourself.

Bob and I are Wildlife Protector Premium members. At this level, we get free parking and unlimited entries to both the Safari Park and the San Diego Zoo. We usually visit Safari Park on Saturdays. Our favorites are Tiger Trail, Elephant Valley, Africa Tram, and eating lunch while watching herds of antelope and rhinos from a bench above Kijamii Overlook. If it’s a special occasion, we’ll dine at The Watering Hole restaurant.

Free Guest Admission coupons are one of the major perks of most San Diego Zoo annual memberships. Each of these printed tickets is like a 1-Day Pass – good for a one-time visit for one person. Guests can use these without a member being present.

How to Get and Use Free Guest Passes for Safari Park

You can visit San Diego Safari Park for free if you’ve got Complimentary Guest Passes. But the only way to get them is if you know a member who is willing to give them to you.  

You do NOT have to be with a member to enter the park using a San Diego Zoo Guest Pass.

Longtime members are more likely to have unused Guest Passes. Chances are that they’ve taken their visiting family and friends to the zoo and Safari Park many times. Members love sharing their passion for animals and they feel bad about letting their passes expire without being used. So asking them doesn’t cost you anything and may make them feel better. 

Buying Guest Passes online is risky. San Diego Zoo Global says that the resale of guest coupons is fraud and a violation of the seller’s annual membership agreement. They’re just printed tickets with a barcode. Anyone with a scanner and a printer can fake them. And you will not know that you’ve paid for a fake until you try to present it at the gate. You may be turned away because the scanner says that code has been used. 

How to Get 50% Off Discount Admission Coupons for Safari Park

This half-off San Diego Zoo Safari Park admission deal is legit. But they are also only available from someone who has an annual membership.

But these discounted tickets are MUCH easier to find than the free Guest Passes. Most of the annual membership options include 2 of these per year. Once again, ask the zoo members in your network if they have any unused coupons.

And just like the Guest Passes, buying these discount admission coupons online is not recommended.

Are Safari Park Shoppers Passes Worth It?

A Safari Park Shoppers’ Pass is another free way to enter the park. Actually, it’s a 1-Day Pass that will be refunded if you meet certain conditions.  Those conditions are:

  • You’ve purchased a 1-Day Pass at the standard rate
  • You’ve returned to the ticket sales window at the entrance within 45 minutes

Start back to the gate when you’ve shopped for 35 minutes because there may be people waiting in line at the ticket booth.

Are There Group Discounts at San Diego Zoo Safari Park?

You get 10% Off 1-Day Passes for groups of 15 or more paying visitors at Safari Park San Diego. This is a wonderful way for large families to get together while maintaining social distancing.  Of course it’s also ideal for businesses and social group outings. 

15% off the 1-Day Pass for groups of 100 or more. Call 619-718-3000 (Reservation Sales Department) well in advance of your trip. They will make sure that your group numbers will be counted in that day’s total. Also, they have meal vouchers for many of the eateries inside Safari Park for an extra fee. This can save your group members some money off of buying entrees à la carte.

What is the San Diego Zoo Tickets Senior Discount?

You can get 15% off a 1-Day Pass for guests over 65 at the gate. You must present a valid photo ID at a zoo ticket sales window to get this discount. They do not offer this deal online or by phone.

Save More Than 10% With Authorized Ticket Seller Deals

GATE PRICE$71/$61Adults / Kids under 12
– 1-Day Pass from aRes Travel 10%Always – Get promo code HERE
– 2-Visit Pass (Zoo & Safari Park) from aRes Travel 15.3%Always available- Get $20 off HERE ($10 off each park per adult). Scroll down to 2-Visit Pass
– Multi-attraction packagesUp to 20%Always available – “GO San Diego” Explorer Pass
– Hotel & multi-attraction bundlesUp to 30%Always available- Click HERE then scroll down to Hotel Packages or call 800-719-8961
– CostcoNALong ago
– Groupon16%Sometimes available
– AAA Discount10%Buy at gate.

San Diego Zoo Global (SDZG) works with a limited group of vendors who have the right to legally sell Safari Park tickets. They are tied into the Safari Park reservation system. They have to maintain strict standards of customer service and abide by the rules set by SDGZ. 

These rules include maintaining their agreed-upon ticket parity so that the non-profit zoological organization can maintain its funding for conservation projects.

SanDiegoing Ticket Deals From aRes Travel

aRes Travel and San Diego Zoo Global have been partners since 1993. The Zoo and Safari Park online reservation system was developed and is being maintained and updated by aRes. All of the other authorized ticket sellers use that system to sell tickets according to SDZG’s standards.

Here’s why I recommend aRes:

  • Many thousands of San Diego visitors have saved money with their worry-free discounted Safari Park passes and tickets
  • 100% authentic tickets Guaranteed. All passes come directly from the Safari Park, Zoo, and other attractions like SeaWorld San Diego, LEGOLAND, Disneyland, and many attractions in southern California
  • They’re always cheaper than Safari Park gate prices (call for their unpublished rates at 800-719-8961.)
  • Fast, automated delivery via email to your inbox
  • Never wait in line at a ticket sales booth. Go straight to the gate entry turnstiles.
  • Save up to 30% on tickets/lodging for multiple theme parks and 100’s of hotels
  • They’re a local San Diego company. They’ve got longtime relationships with hotel managers, attraction companies, and tour groups so they can put together great deals for us
  • Their CEO is a nice guy. I dropped by their office one day and he spent at least 40 minutes answering my questions. At the time, no one was reading my blog but me, my husband, and sometimes my Mom. It was a gracious gesture.

One thing to note is that aRes charges a $2 online convenience fee ($1 + the SDZG’s $1 online fee) for Safari Park tickets. But that doesn’t bother me too much.  Because… you can actually TALK to them if you need help by calling 800-719-8961. How rare is that? Google them to check out their great online reviews.


San Diego Zoo Safari Park entrance

Save more than 10% Off 1-Day Passes to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Click HERE for a special unpublished discount code for SanDiegoing readers. Get your tickets by clicking the orange button below.

The tickets are easy to use. 

  • Call 800-719-8961 to get your unpublished discount on your tickets
  • Your tickets will be emailed to you after your purchase
  • Print out your tickets or show them on your mobile device at the gate
  • The Safari Park ticket attendant will scan the QR code
  • You enter the park and have a great time 

Parking is not included at either park with this package.


LEGOLAND® California & San Diego Safari Park Combo Deal

LEGOLAND® California & San Diego Safari Park 2 photo collage

Save $24 for each adult vs buying each of these tickets separately. You get a 1-day LEGOLAND® admission ticket and a 1-Day Safari Park Pass. Both allow you to bypass the ticket sales window and head straight to the entry gate. Safari Park parking costs extra. Guided Safari Park tours need to be purchased separately. Check out my Safari Park tours review page 

This ticket package is great for families traveling from Los Angeles and Orange counties for a weekend. You stay up in north San Diego county and avoid the worst of the traffic jams around downtown.

LEGOLAND® California & San Diego Safari Park Combo Deal

  • $159 99 per adult (aged 12+)

Legoland California, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park Combo Deal

San Diego Zoo, Safari Park and Legoland ticket package. 3 photo collage

Save $24.49 for each adult vs buying each of these tickets separately. You get a 1 day pass to each of these popular attractions. Parking at Safari Park is not included. NOTE: Legoland California is not yet opened. This entry is for your planning purposes. Please check the operating hours prior to booking. 

This is a great bundle for a 3-day weekend getaway. Each of these attractions has enough to hold your interest for a full day. And kids will love it. 

Legoland California, San Diego Zoo & Safari Park Combo:

  • $196.50 per adult
  • $172 for children under 13 years old

Or call 800-719-8961 to get questions answered and for assistance.


Lions, Tigers, and Baby Elephants, Oh My! – The San Diego Zoo or Safari Park Package

Lions, Tigers, Baby Elephants package with Lodging near San Diego Zoo or Safari Park

You can save up to 30% off if you book your hotel and a San Diego Zoo 2 Visit Pass together. Of course the discount depends upon which hotel you choose. 

This deal is perfect for a short staycation for locals or a quick getaway for those traveling from Los Angeles or Orange counties. Choosing a hotel may be a difficult choice though, there’s over 110 to choose from. My advice is stay close to where you’d like to spend your evenings. 

If you’re looking for more of San Diego’s wild side, stay in the Gaslamp Quarter at the Horton Grand Hotel (scroll down the linked aRes page a bit to find this one). This historic boutique hotel has cozy fireplaces in every room. And you’ll be right in the middle of our nightlife district. 

Or call 800-719-8961 and let them help you create a memorable weekend.

San Diego Family Fun Vacation Package

Photo of Safari Park Rhino family. Speech bubbles saying "Now that we've seen Safari Park, let's go to the Zoo! And then take Old Town Trolley Tour to a little Italy restaurant. I'm tired of eating grass."

This bundle is kid-friendly and you can save up to 30% off on your hotel plus San Diego Zoo and other attractions. This build-your-own custom package includes the Safari Park and the Old Town Trolley Hop-on, Hop-off Tour, and many more San Diego sights. Many of the hotels have FREE breakfast and parking. 

One of the more than 125 hotels featured in this deal is the beautifully situated Cape Rey Carlsbad. It’s a Hilton property located in Carlsbad with direct access to Carlsbad State Beach. It’s also a AAA 4 Diamond Resort with a great restaurant (Chandler’s) and an award-winning spa. Summer beach picnics, bonfires and watching the sun fall beyond the Pacific Ocean from an exquisitely designed fire pit will be highlights of your stay.

Or call 800-719-8961 and let them help you customize great family memories.

Other Hotel and attractions bundles from aRes Travel.

Costco San Diego Safari Park Tickets

If you search the internet you’ll see many references to super-cheap San Diego Zoo and Safari Park tickets sold at Costco. There’s just one problem, all of those posts are old and the offers are expired.

I spent hours scouring online forums, coupon code sites and large travel websites and the most recent  example of a Costco zoo ticket deal is from 2010. And in that comment thread they didn’t even give the price for the 1-Day Pass. 

I suspect that the killer Safari Park Costco deals will not be coming back. In the last couple of years San Diego Zoo Global, the Safari Park’s parent organization, has instituted a policy of price parity among authorized ticket sellers. SDZG doesn’t want other companies significantly undercutting their own gate prices. 

They’re not just being greedy. It’s for a good cause. Their mission is to end extinction and promote conservation awareness worldwide. And they aren’t subsidized or run by their local city like many other zoos. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are mostly self-funded through ticket sales to people like you.

Go ahead and check Costco’s Ticket Savings page to see if they’ve got Safari Park passes. But if you don’t find any, don’t be surprised. 

Costco San Diego Zoo Safari Park Ticket Bundles – There’s still a PDF for the Go San Diego Card discounts on the Costco website, but it’s an orphan. The Go San Diego Card is not on their ticket page, just links to a few restaurants. If you want to buy the Go San Diego Card click the link to go to aRes, our local San Diego authorized ticket source.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets On Groupon

Up to 70% off a 1-Day Adult Pass – This is misleading clickbait. Groupon’s last significant discount offer was in September 2020. If you go to their website you’ll get the standard 3% off deal that you’d get directly from Safari Park. Granted, 3% off is technically “up to 70% off”, but the wording is sneaky.

To get a better deal anytime, anywhere, buy your tickets from my travel partner aRes Travel of San Diego. Use this Safari Park Discount Ticket Form to get a discount code and the link where you can use it to buy your cheap tickets. Or, call 800-719-8961 and ask aRes for the unpublished San Diego Safari Park discount instead.

San Diego Safari Park AAA Discount

10% off a 1-Day Pass – You can only get this deal at the gate and if you’re a AAA member.  It’s good for you and 5 more in your group.

Present your AAA membership card and a valid ID at the ticket sales booth and purchase a 1-Day Pass for your ten percent discount. You cannot get this offer online or if you buy your ticket on the phone.

You can’t combine a AAA discount with any other coupons or offers. So you can’t use it during Kids Free in October or the Seniors Free in February events. But you CAN call 800-719-8961 ahead of time. Save yourself a bit of cash. Load the ticket onto your mobile device (or print it). Skip the ticket window line!

Public Service & Trade Associations Ticket Deals

– Military Discount – ActiveFREEAt gate with ID
– Military family members10%Up to 20% if purchased on base
– Veterans & retired military10%Up to 20%. Must buy on base
– FirefightersNA100% at Safari Park in Sept.
– Members of firefighters’ familiesNA10% at Safari Park in Sept.
– Law enforcement18%Only at SDPOA.org
– AZA membersNANever

San Diego Safari Park Ticket Discounts For Military

FREE 1-Day Pass to the San Diego Zoo

Active duty US military are entitled to a free 1-Day Safari Park Pass. You’ll need to show your Uniformed Services ID Card or Common Access Card (CAC) at the entry turnstiles. You will not be allowed free access without that ID.

Military Family Discounts at Safari Park

Screenshot of MCCS Camp-Pendleton, Travels & Information Tickets & Tours web page

10% Off 1-Day Pass at the Gate – Spouses and immediate family members must show their valid dependent ID cards at any ticket sales booth to get this discount.  

Get a 15-20% Discount at your local base’s Ticket and Travel Office. However you must buy in advance of your trip to Safari Park. You cannot get this deal at the gate. The percentage you will save varies by the service branch, the location of the base and other factors.

You can also find better deals on annual memberships and 2-Day San Diego Zoo/Safari Park admission bundles at your base travel office. For an example,  here’s a San Diego ticket price list from Camp Pendleton. Scroll down to the “Download ITT Price List” button to see it.

Veterans & Retired Military Safari Park Discounts

15% – 20% off 1 Day Pass – MUST BUY ON BASE. Free entry to San Diego Safari Park is only available to active duty military personnel. Retired military must buy their 1-Day Pass from their base’s Ticket and Travel Office. . Veterans and retired military can also get 2-Day San Diego Zoo Admission Passes and annual memberships at a discounted price at the base. For an example link over to the Latitudes Travel Information, Tickets and Tours page. Scroll down to the “Download ITT Price List” button. Click to open the PDF.

Law Enforcement Discounts on San Diego Zoo Safari Park Tickets

San Diego Police Officers Association logo

18% off 1 Day Pass – MUST BUY THROUGH SDPOA.org. San Diego Safari Park does not offer any discounts for those who serve as San Diego law enforcement and their families. But you can get significantly cheaper tickets if you buy through the San Diego Police Officers Association website. Login, click on the Members tab and you’ll see the Theme Park Tickets category.

On the SDPOA.org members’ page you’ll see these ticket deals:

1 Day Passes:

  • $49 for Adults 
  • $39 for children 3-11 years old

2 Day Admission Passes:

  • $89.60 for Adults
  • $79.60 for children 3-11

Tickets purchased through SDPOA.org will be delivered via email or sent to your mobile device.

Firefighters Free in September at Safari Park

Active US firefighters with a valid ID can get a free 1-Day Pass for the San Diego Safari Park during September “Firefighters Appreciation Month”. Safari Park is located in the rural San Pasqual Valley and has sometimes been threatened by wildfires. So everyone who loves the animals here is VERY appreciative of the firefighters efforts to keep it safe. 

To get free entry under this program you must present your active firefighter ID with a photo. It doesn’t matter if it’s a department ID or a Union ID. This complimentary ticket is not available by phone or online.

Firefighters’ Family Discount

10% off 1-Day Passes for Family & Friends of Firefighters. 

During September, San Diego Safari Park offers 10% off each admission for up to 6 people accompanying an active duty US firefighter who has a valid department or union photo ID.

Do AZA Members Get a Discount at San Diego Safari Park?

There is no American Zoological Association (AZA) member discount at Safari Park. San Diego Zoo Global is a member of AZA, but unlike most zoos in the United States, it is self-funding and cannot afford to offer reciprocal AZA benefits and fulfill their primary mission which is to end extinction.

San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are both self-funded by your entry fees, food and concession sales, and extra add-on experiences like tour safaris. Most of the zoos in the AZA discount ticket program receive the majority of their budget from municipal coffers.

Travel Industry

GATE PRICE$71/$61Adults / Kids under 12
– Airline employees10%Only at gate with ID
– Cruise line employees10%Only at gate with ID
– Travel agents10%Only at gate with ID

Airline And Cruise Lines Employee Discounts

10% off 1-Day Pass at San Diego Safari Park.  Airline and cruise company employees and one guest are eligible for ten percent off one day admission. This deal is not available if you pay online or by phone.  You must present your company-issued photo ID or CLIA card before paying at the zoo ticket window.

San Diego Safari Park Travel Agent Discounts

10% off 1 Day Pass to the Safari Park. If you’re a member of IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network), you and a guest are eligible for a ten percent discount at the gate. If you’re a tour operator, travel agent, or wholesaler you can get this deal. All you need to do is show your up-to-date ITAN card prior to paying at any Zoo ticket window.

Deals for Educators and Students

GATE PRICE$71/$61Adults / Kids under 12
– TeachersFREEWith 15+ student group(see more details below)
– Students10%Buy only at gate with active student ID

San Diego Safari Park Teacher Discount

15% off a 1-Day Pass to Safari Park in San Diego for teachers directing curriculum-focused student trips. For more details, check the Zoo’s education and field trips page. The CTA Member Benefits website is a good resource for discounts and offers that teachers can use on personal trips to San Diego Safari Park.

San Diego Safari Park Student Discount

15% off 1 Adult 1-Day Pass to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the standard deal for students. All students 12 years of age and older are eligible. You must present your valid student ID before payment at any ticket sales booth to get this deal.

This offer is good for high school, community college, and university students as well as those working towards graduate degrees.

Is There a Diego Safari Park Residents’ Discount?

GATE PRICE$71/$61Adults / Kids under 12
– Southern California residentsNoneMust live in San Diego County
– San Diego County residentsNoneDiscounts on Annual Passes only

There aren’t any discounts for locals on 1-Day Passes for San Diego Safari Park. The best way for residents to save on Safari Park tickets is to buy an annual membership. These memberships offer significant savings for California residents in the 91900-92899 zip codes. The lowest tier costs $115 for a single adult. That means that your Safari Park and Zoo entries are free after just 2 visits.

How to Avoid Safari Park Online Ticket Scams

Cartoon of hacker at desk selling fake San Diego Safari Park tickets

1) If the price for San Diego Safari Park tickets sounds too good to be true, you’re probably right. That’s the first rule to avoid being the victim of any online swindle. Pay attention to your little voice which says, “So what’s in it for them?” Sometimes it’s not just money, but your identity that’s at stake.

2) The Craigslist About Scams page says that most online fraud can be avoided if you insist on meeting face-to-face with the person selling the tickets. 

3) Guard your identity online by using payment systems like Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Payoneer. If you are asked to make payment via PayPal, add on the Buyer Protection fee. It’s inexpensive, only 3.1% + $0.30 per transaction. Otherwise you are not shielded from having someone take off with your money without giving you a valid ticket in return.

Reselling of San Diego Safari Park Tickets is Prohibited

Photo of San Diego Safari Park Guest Pass with text prohibiting resale.

The sale or transfer of guest coupons, complimentary tickets, or unused memberships is a violation of the legal terms of the San Diego Zoo Global annual membership agreement. Words to that effect can be found on all Safari Park tickets. 

Buying tickets from someone who is not an authorized ticket seller is a chancy proposition. Someone could have purchased a ticket online and printed more than one copy at home. There’s no way for you to tell if that ticket is good until it gets scanned at the gate. 

I understand that sometimes vacations are canceled due to illness or emergencies. But it doesn’t happen very often. Keep in mind that there’s a good chance that an amazing deal on Safari Park passes is a scam.

Never purchase an unused membership to San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Annual pass holders must show a valid photo ID with their Zoo membership card at the gate. You’re out of luck unless your name is the same as the one on the card.

Don’t Buy Safari Park Tickets on Craigslist

Buying cheap San Diego Zoo Safari Park tickets on Craigslist is a gamble with the odds against you. None of the authorized ticket sellers list their inventory on Craigslist. And although you may find the occasional person who had to cancel a trip posting their unused tickets it is rare.

Before you put money down on cheap Safari Park tickets posted on Craigslist read Craigslist’s Avoiding Scams page. PLEASE.

Some people have had success if the Craigslist post says “pay after entry”. That usually means that the person selling the entry pass is a member who is selling their guest passes. The zoo member brings you in through the gate as their guest and you pay them the agreed amount after you’re inside. 

This activity is prohibited by the members’ agreement with San Diego Zoo Global. Thus it’s morally questionable. It’s up to you whether you feel right about not doing the right thing to support endangered species. 

eBay – That incredible Safari Park ticket deal on eBay could be real or could be a steal (with you being the victim). Before you try to purchase them, read the eBay  how to recognize scams section.

Reddit –  I’ve read about a few meetings for transfers of San Diego Zoo or Safari Park tickets arranged in these forums. The ones that were successful were of the “pay after entry” type.

Closing Thoughts on Buying San Diego Safari Park Discount Tickets

EVERYONE can save some money on admission to San Diego Safari Park. There’s no reason to pay the gate price. And I hope that I’ve proved that to you in this article. Between the SanDiegoing readers unpublished discount that you can get by calling 800-719-8961 and my discount tickets chart I’m hoping that you’ve found a San Diego Safari Park discount ticket deal that will work for you.

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